What we do.


Here is where the rubber meets the road.  Precision services include Shear, Score Cut and Razor Blade slitting, surface winding and custom converting. We process substrates such as paper, film, foam, laminate, web, foil, rubber and Kevlar®, as well as non-woven, pressure-sensitive and climate-controlled materials.

Not just slitting, solving and saving too.  With decades of industry experience at our disposal, we offer problem-solving expertise to help you overcome logistical challenges and save you time and money.  We can even help you test an idea by processing a single research roll before you place a bulk order.

Our specifications are listed below, but we encourage you to contact us to discuss a particular job or idea.  We can often accommodate custom requests.




We know paper. Designed to process virtually all paper types, our drum winders work on lightweight tissues, coated / uncoated stock, printed / unprinted grades and paperboards.

Minimum Slit Width – 3”
Maximum Slit Width – 110”
Maximum Number of cuts – 35
Maximum Unwind Diameter – 72”
Maximum Rewind Diameter – 60”



Not all materials are created equally. From foam to foil and other assorted specialties, our duplex slitters can efficiently convert a broad range of products in varying sizes.

Minimum Slit Width – 1 ½”
Maximum Slit Width – 80”
Maximum Number of cuts – 46
Maximum Unwind Diameter – 60”
Maximum Rewind Diameter – 42”



Good things come in small sizes too. Our mini-slitter / rewinders can rework, convert and rewind all of your small-roll goods.

Minimum Slit Width – 1 ½”
Maximum Slit Width – 28”
Maximum Number of cuts – 12
Maximum Unwind Diameter – 30”- 50”
Maximum Rewind Diameter – 30” - 42”